I take ideas and turn them into revenue generating businesses.

Change depends on unreasonable people…

that analyze and don’t assume…

and are willing to fail to find out whether their right….

I come up with "Black Swan" ideas. I think through these ideas thoroughly.

If I believe that my idea is a good one, then I execute it.

I listen to my gut instincts and block out all of the noise around me.

When an idea shows promise after initial testing, I assemble the people and capital resources necessary to turn it into a business.

Many of these businesses go on to generate significant revenue.

Growth Stage

Growth Stage

Growth Stage

I take revenue generating businesses and scale up.

I thrive on technological risks…

that leverage the internet to acheive scale….

I optimize businesses to achieve critical mass.

If the markets react favorably, I continue to scale.

Along the journey there are many signs. I pay close attention to these signs and follow them.

I aim for revolutionary success but am willing to fail.




I seek revolutionary exits on all ventures but am willing to fail.

I start all businesses with the goal of hitting mass scale…

those that fall short I either pull the plug on or keep for strategic value.

I seek mass scale on all businesses that I start.

After executing and continuous optimizations, I rely on the data to decide which type of exit I'll have.

If the business is achieving critical scale and the timing is right, I move to sell it.

If the business ultimately proves not able to scale, but has strategic value, I keep it.

If the business cannot achieve scale and has no strategic value, I shut it down.